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Entry #1

my first vid

2008-08-15 23:22:26 by fugiglybot

no one likes my first movie im sad


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2008-08-16 00:08:14

then make a better one


2008-08-17 13:34:46

what i don't like about first vids is ppl always try and use the red to black to a point were everything is that color so next time dont use the blue to black and stuff


2008-08-17 13:45:51

I don't blame them.


2008-08-17 19:42:14

Well then take your time with animations. DONT RUSH.

Second, Learn how to draw characters. Maybe in an art class or just by yourself. I mean, thats how I learned. I just taught myself. It takes time, but when you're done, it looks amazing! I dont claim to be the best animator, but I try as hard as I can to perfect what I have. After you learn how to draw, learn how to change each drawing slightly to make it move. Then work on physics, you know, stepping with the right amount of force and throwing just the right distance. Another thing, work on human motion. Arms, Legs, Joints, etc. Its best to know how to walk. VERY IMPORTANT. People will notice if a person walking is ackward. Its simple, The hips move left and right, and the bottom half look of the legs look like they're being pulled when moving forward, and then they snap up. Its complicated, but very simple. One day, you'll get it.


2008-09-04 20:55:52

Hello i reviewed i think your first vid and all i can say is that its not horrible i liked it your just a beginner its ok just work on the animation if you make another version and the stick people have faces and the geni looks better and you spell desert right it could be a success just try wat i said